THE CHIMNEY SWEEPS - Terms & Conditions

The Chimney Sweeps Terms and Conditions

The Chimney Sweeps are a trading name of Pat Test Pro Ltd and all payments are made to Pat Test Pro Ltd hereafter known as the supplier will be members of a Trade Association & Trained by a Trade Association.

1. Payment is due at the time of provision of the service except where arrangements have been made in advance.

2. Payment is by cash, debit card, credit card or direct payment to our bank account please advise method at time of booking,

3. If we find a problem we will tell you. If we can resolve the problem we will do but if it is necessary to charge extra, we will tell you before the work is undertaken.

4. We understand that our customers have busy lives. If you have to change or cancel an appointment please give 3 days notice. We have allocated time in our day especially for you and late cancellation may well mean we cannot rebook and we have to turn away other customers. We reserve the right to charge a fee of £35 in the event that no-one is home when we attend the property and/or we cannot gain access. We also reserve the right to charge £35 in the event of a last minute cancellation.

5. We are unable to remove live birds nests in May to June when Jackdaws are nesting as it is illegal to do so. If we find a nest in the chimney when we are sweeping we will usually arrange to come back to remove it when it is legal to do so.

6. The Supplier will hold £2.Million Public Liability.

7. The supplier will act in a professional manner at all times.

8. The supplier will attempt to be punctual for all appointment times & will advise customers by text if delayed due to unforeseen circumstances or events which is out of our control.

9. The supplier will provide an invoice & completion certificate at the end of the visit & payment is by cash or direct payment to our bank account.

10. The supplier will not be liable or responsible for any defective equipment supplied re: smoke and CO2 alarms.

11. The supplier will make every attempt to limit the escape of soot/dust from professional hoovers used and will not be held responsible for any damage or soot marks to any carpets, furnishings or any other items.

12. The supplier will inspect by binoculars on arrival at the premises for any loose brick work on the chimney stack or cowlings & will not be liable for cowlings dislodged by sweeping.

13. The supplier has the right to condemn the use of a chimney if after inspection he believes it to be unsafe.

14. The supplier will not clean any flue that has signs of asbestos

15. The supplier after finding a blockage in the flue will advise the client of any further costs & charges.

16. The client must allow approximately 1 hour for the flue to be cleaned.

17. The client will ensure that all animals /pets are removed from the room during the visit whilst the flue is being swept, and no property will be entered if reptiles are kept.

18. Removal of bird’s nests cannot be removed during the period specified by the RSPB; it is illegal to do so. .

19 Smoke & CO2 alarms supplied and fitted by us are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 12 months, if they become faulty the Chimney Sweeps will not be held liable in any way for loss or personal injury or death or fire in the premises. If the alarm(s) become faulty, the house holder must test alarms on a regular basis, at least twice a week if a fault occurs we will refit a new unit free of charge within the 12 months from date of fitting & the householder must notify us immediately if the fault occurs.

20. Force Majure.

21. Whilst care is taken to prevent damage to your property, the sweep cannot be held responsible for badly maintained or deteriorating pots, cowls, chimney stacks, fireplaces or any other part of the chimney. Material information should be disclosed, such as age and type of covering, but in some instances may recommend remedial work prior to sweeping or asking you to sign a disclaimer to allow us to continue. Please don’t be offended-we’d rather you knew in advance.

22. We aim to sweep all types of appliances that burn solid fuel in residential or commercial premises. We do encounter some problems with wood burning stoves (and sometimes other installations) that have been fitted without provision for sweeping. Worse, some are not “legal” installations and are just plain dangerous. We will do our best to sweep but sometimes we will be unable to undertake the job, the standard fee will still be charged.

23. We are a local, professional chimney sweeping business and we rely on customers coming back to us year after year. If you like what we do, please tell everyone! If we have disappointed you in any way, please tell us!

24. We do not sell your data to third parties.

25. Any recommendations made by our sweeps or from our links page regarding other trades people is done as a courtesy to our clients, all recommendations are for trades people known to us, providing great professional services. Pat Test Pro Ltd T/A THE CHIMNEY SWEEPS its servants, employees and directors will not be held responsible in any way for any other service provided by other persons on our links page.

26. By making an appointment for your chimney to be cleaned you agree to accept our terms and conditions.

A clean chimney is a safe chimney

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